Name of the University: Jumonji UniversityProgram Name: Japanese literature and culture study program (​scholarship)
Type of Degree:
Major Field:
Application Period:
2021 October 29
Period of Enrollment:
April, September
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:
International Exchange Center, Jumonji University
fsc at mark

Program Overview:

Jumonji University is a women’s university. ​You can learn Japanese, Japanese culture and literature in this program. The program includes content from Japanese classical literature, anime culture, subcultures and Edo art. ​The period is six months or one year. We have a scholarship system. You can study with Japanese undergraduates and experience various extracurricular activities. We also have an intensive Japanese study program. This course is a one-year program.

Program’s Movie:

*​Subtitles are converted to Uzbek.