Name of the University: Kindai University
Program Name:
Bachelor Degree Programs [International Students Admission]
Type of Degree:

Major Field:
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Applied Sociology
Faculty of International Studies
Faculty of Informatics (starting in April 2022)
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering
*Faculty of Medicine is not applicable for this admission

Application Period:
[First Exam]: 2021/8/30-2021/9/3 (for applicants residing in and outside Japan)
[Second Exam]
: 2022/1/7-2022/1/13 (for applicants residing in Japan)
Examination Dates:
[First Exam]
[Second Exam]
Notice: Due to the immigration restrictions incurred by COVID-19 pandemic, in the first examination of the international students admission for enrollment in April 2022, we do not accept any applications from those residing outside Japan.

Period of Enrollment: April
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:
Global Education Center, Kindai University

Program Overview:

  • Admission for international students who wish to take a bachelor degree program.
    *Kindai has only regular program which is open for both domestic and international students.
  • The admission exam takes place twice in a year: First exam is for residents either in or outside Japan; second one is for those in Japan.
  • Submission of Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) score is mandatory.

Program’s Movie:

*Overview movie of Kindai University