Name of the University: Okayama UniversityProgram Name: Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems
Type of Degree:
M.A., PhD
Major Field:
Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Health sciences, Literature and Law
Application Period:
Application Period 1:
(October Admission) July 28, 2020 – August 3, 2020
Application Period 2:
(April Admission) December 14, 2020 – December 14, 2020
Period of Enrollment:
October and April
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healthsystems at mark

Program Overview:

1. Characteristics of this Graduate School

This graduate school targets the actual settings of health systems. In other words, we will work not only on medical care that is centered on outpatient and inpatient treatment at hospitals, but also on comprehensive difficulties and issues. These include medical care service at home, nursing care and preventive medicine for prolongation of a healthy life-span, and the way of life in the terminal phase. This graduate school takes the approach of interdisciplinary science. The activities for the solution of issues can be explained with the following cycle consisting of four steps as follows:

1) Society and nature (Actual settings),
2) Observational and analytic activities: through academic approaches,
3) Coming up with ideas (products and systems),
4) Applying ideas into practice, then returning to 1).

Our graduate school aims to raise personnel who can explore issues arising from actual healthcare settings, creating ideas that contribute to the solution of these issues and putting them into practical use in society in cooperation with stakeholders working in healthcare settings.

2. Staff

The graduate school has faculty members with diverse areas of expertise such as engineering, medical science, pharmaceutical science, health science, literature (philosophy, ethics, religious studies, history, and cultural anthropology), sociology and social welfare (medical jurisprudence and social innovation).