Name of the University: Osaka University
Program Name: Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program

Type of Degree:
Major Field:
The Human Sciences
Application Period:
Online application: December 1, 2021-January 7, 2022
Period of Enrollment: October
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:

Program Overview:

The Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program sets out to cultivate self-motivated, reflective students who have a sophisticated knowledge base and the necessary practical skills to meet the challenges that they will face in our fast-changing, globalized world. The program aims to give students a well-defined area of disciplinary expertise that can be applied in different settings to bring workable solutions to a variety of problems and issues.

We aim to provide a vibrant and multicultural learning environment for students. In addition to providing an English-medium teaching and learning environment, we also expect students to gain proficiency in the Japanese language. There are curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular opportunities to learn the language and interact with regular, Japanese language-medium program students, domestic and international.

After taking shared foundation courses in the first three semesters, from the fourth semester students will begin to take advanced courses. At that time, we will invite students to choose one of three areas to focus their studies: Diversity and Inclusion Studies, Japan Studies or Political and Global Studies. They will take advanced level courses to build their expertise in one of these areas of concentration and also focus their undergraduate dissertation in a related area of research. Please note that regardless of area chosen, the degree awarded at graduation is a Bachelor of Human Sciences.