Dear Uzbek Students,

We are very delighted and honored to work with Nagoya University Office in Uzbekistan in hosting the Japan Education Fair 2020 in Tashkent. The fair provides information about opportunities for studying in Japan and has become an annual event – with Nagoya University as the main organizer.

The University of Tsukuba joined the fair as a co-host when we were selected by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2018 to co-coordinate the Study in Japan Global Network Project. This project targets students in Russia and the CIS region, including Uzbekistan, which are priority areas designated by the Japanese government. The aim of the project, as its name indicates, is to promote Japan as an attractive study abroad destination; its goal is to double the number of students from the region every year for five years until the year 2023. I am delighted to share with you that the number of Uzbek students studying in Japan has surpassed those from Russian and other CIS countries.

We are excited about the opportunity to share information about studying in Japan with you, and look forward to seeing many of you at our universities. Many of the Uzbek students who do study in Japan will surely become the next generation of leaders who will have acquired the knowledge and skills to play vital roles in the future development of Uzbekistan, while further enhancing collaboration between Japan and Uzbekistan in various fields such as economics, politics and culture.

Caroline F. Benton
Vice President and Executive Director for Global Affairs
University of Tsukuba