Mr. Yoshinori Fujiyama
to the occasion of the exhibition “Japan Education Fair 2020 in Tashkent”

Let me welcome everyone who joined today’s event. My name is Fujiyama and I am the Ambassador of Japan to Uzbekistan. I am very pleased that the Exhibition could take place this year in the first place even if we are now right in the middle of a worldwide spread COVID-19. Firstly, let me express sincere gratitude to the Event coordinators — Nagoya University Uzbekistan Office and Study in Japan Global Network Project, which is coordinated by University of Tsukuba — and all representatives of the Japanese universities.

Exhibition “Japan Education Fair in Tashkent” is traditionally hold annually and has been always a great success. This year we have to hold the event online because of the pandemic, but as many as 34 universities and institutes participate in the exhibition from Japan. I hope that many students who are interested in studying in Japan will take part in this event.

Japanese universities can provide high quality academic environments stimulating intellectual and even cultural interest to the highest degree. As far as I know, there are several universities and institutions where you can study Japanese in Uzbekistan and about 2,200 people are studying Japanese language at the moment. I would like all of you to experience the real student life in Japan.

In the face of aging population and a declining birth rate in Japan we are promoting the policy of accepting young generation from different countries for our country’s future. It is very important both for you and for Japan to find a place to play an important role in our society. At the same time we can also expect that you will enhance the friendship between the two countries. Uzbekistan has already a large number of former exchange students who hold key positions in the Government, Parliament and business. They are contributing to the development of this country and strengthening relations with Japan.  

I would like to touch upon grant training programs provided by the Government of Japan for study in Japan. Every year, we receive many applications from best students in the country. Although the selection standard is very high, I hope that as many students as possible try their chance for these valuable training programs.

Lastly I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude again to all people who helped realizing this exhibition hoping that many students of this country will find a way to study in Japan.

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