Dear participants, guests, and colleagues!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this important event, the 10th anniversary fair “Education in Japan 2020”.

I feel especially gratified that such a significant event is taking place, despite the coronavirus pandemic, which made significant adjustments to our lives, changed the format of our relationship in the direction of its further digitalization. However, today’s event became possible due to not only digital technologies, but also the strong will and desire of its organizers, as well as the need for continued cooperation in the field of education between our countries.

The development of highly intellectual human capital and the entry of our country into the number of world innovative leaders have been elevated to the rank of state policy in Uzbekistan. Considering the reputation of the Japanese education system as one of the best in the world and outstanding achievements of Japanese science, the choice of Japan as a key partner of Uzbekistan in the field of education, science and innovations is more than logical.

Uzbekistan and Japan are strategic partners who cooperate on a close, trusted and mutually beneficial environment in all spheres of life of state and society. And education is considered as one of the priorities by the leadership of our countries. In this regard, it was no coincidence that President of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoev began his first official visit to Japan in December 2019 from Nagoya. Nagoya University as one of our leading partners has educated many hundreds of Uzbek citizens who, along with graduates of other Japanese universities, work for the benefit of Uzbekistan.
We can say without exaggeration that the visit of the President of Uzbekistan ushered in a new era in our relations with Japan, especially in the sphere of education. From that time on, ties between the universities of the two countries are deepening, contacts between scientists and faculty members are intensifying. We also witness an increase in the number of partners among Japanese universities, as well as in the format and spheres of interaction. All this is now happening on a systematic and consistent basis.
In addition, Japanese experience is being actively introduced into the educational process in Uzbekistan. Since September assistant professor of Nagoya University Dr. K.Nishiyama took over the duties of the Vice-Rector for Science, Innovation and Technology Transfer at Tashkent State Technical University, a group of gifted students is attending intensive courses of lectures by Japanese professors. Besides, in close cooperation with Nagoya University the Uzbek side is working on reforms of Tashkent State Technical University and Tashkent State University of Law. This November we are expecting for a Government decree that will give an official start to the first Japanese university – Digital University in Tashkent.
In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the dedicated people who made this wonderful event possible amidst such a difficult time. I wish the fair a great success, and all guests and participants a most rewarding and fulfilling time. I believe that “Education in Japan 2020” will be another step toward even closer cooperation between our states, our universities and our peoples

The Ambassador,
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Uzbekistan in Japan, G. Fazilov