Name of the University: Hokkaido University
Program Name: Integrated Science Program

Type of Degree:
B.A., M.A.
Major Field:

【B.A.】Natural Science,【M.A.】Sciences
Application Period:

November 15, 2021- November 30, 2021
*The required application materials must be sent by postal mail to arrive no later than December 16, 2021.

Period of Enrollment: October
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:

【About Admission】

Program Overview:

The Integrated Science Program is a cross-disciplinary science program for international students interested in pursuing a degree in the sciences at the undergraduate and graduate level. The program’s strong cross-disciplinary nature aims to give students an excellent broad scientific education across the core scientific disciplines (physics, chemistry, and biology), while allowing them to specialize in their chosen fields in later years in accordance with their own interests. In addition to the English-based scientific content of the program, a multitude of additional liberal arts courses focusing on business, leadership and management skills, and the Japanese language will be available to ensure students receive a rich and fulfilling education while at Hokkaido University.

【ISP Students’ Future Goals (Hokkaido University)】

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