Name of the University: Hokkaido University
Program Name: Modern Japanese Studies Program

Type of Degree:
Major Field:
Japanese Studies
Application Period:

[1st call] October 26, 2021 — November 17, 2021
*The required application materials must be sent by postal mail to arrive no later than December 16, 2021. no later than December 2 (Thu), 2021.
[2nd call] February 1, 2022 — February 24, 2022
*The required application materials must be sent by postal mail to arrive no later than March 11, 2022.

Period of Enrollment: October or next April *If Intensive Japanese course is omitted.
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:

【About Admission】

Program Overview:

The Modern Japanese Studies Program (MJSP) is a four-year bilingual Bachelor’s Degree program in Japanese Studies at one of Japan’s leading research-intensive universities. It is preceded by a six-month Intensive Japanese Course for those without sufficient proficiency in Japanese to enter the Bachelor’s Degree program directly.

There are two modules from which you can choose to major: 1) History and Culture and 2) Society and Political Economy. One module becomes your major; the other is your minor. In the first two to three years, subjects in these fields are taught in English by an international team of educators with world-class research profiles. Once you have sufficient Japanese, you will also take classes in Japanese in the faculties of Humanities and Human Sciences, Law, Education, and Economics & Business. These courses are credit bearing for your degree in Japanese Studies.

The program has four main characteristics:
1. The study of Japan through four main academic disciplines – history, cultural studies, sociology and political economy;
2. Intensive study of the Japanese language – you should be completely fluent on graduation;
3. Co-learning with Japanese students – you will take many classes with your Japanese peers;
4. A curriculum that allows you to discover your Japan from the unique and multicultural vantage point of Japan’s northernmost island.

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