Name of the University: Hosei University
Program Name: Institute of Integrated Science and Technology (IIST)

Type of Degree:
M.A., PhD
Major Field:
Computer and Information Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Applied Informatics, Systems Engineering and Science (Advanced Sciences Track), Systems Engineering and Science (Management Science Track), Frontier Bioscience (Frontier Bioscience Field), Frontier Bioscience (Clinical Plant Science Field)
Application Period:
Period of Enrollment: September
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Program Overview:

Institute of Integrated Science and Technology (IIST) is a graduate program for studying integrated science and technology in English, which supports a sustainable global society.

IIST was established cooperatively by Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences and Graduate School of Science and Engineering for the purpose of conducting cutting-edge research in specialized scientific fields while setting up cross-major research fields to solve problems toward a sustainable global society. IIST enables students to acquire practical wisdom necessary to tackle global issues, along with the deeply specialized knowledge in their majors.

Additionally, Japanese Reinforcement Classes are provided as options to enrich students’ language skills.