Name of the University: Hosei University
Program Name: SCOPE (Sustainability Co-creation Programme)

Type of Degree:
Major Field:
Sustainability Studies (Sustainability, Environmental Policy, Energy and Resources, Social Development)
Application Period:
Please refer to the website (
Period of Enrollment: September
Program’s Website:
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Program Overview:

-Wide Variety of Disciplines
We offer well balanced, wide ranging core courses from the humanities, economics and sociology, to ecology and natural resources, in order to comprehend and create solutions for the social and environmental challenges we are currently facing and may face in the future.

-Field-based and Active Learning Opportunities
Students will be able to apply what was learned in the classroom in terms of the knowledge, skills, and values of these disciplines to our communities and society through hands-on experiences off-campus. These learning opportunities will provide students “real life” exposure for sustainability challenges.

-«Co-creation» Experience
The keyword of SCOPE is “Co-creation”, which goes beyond “cooperation”. Students have co-creation experiences through SCOPE core curriculum and the field-based and active learning with fellow SCOPE students, other HOSEI University students, the university faculty members, as well as those who you meet through field workshops.