Name of the University: Joshibi University of Art and Design
Program Name:
Graduate School of Art and Design
Type of Degree:
M.A. / PhD
Major Field:
Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, Crafts, Visual and Performing Arts, Clothing Sciences
Application Period:
November / February
Period of Enrollment:
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Program Overview:

Graduate School of Art and Design has produced specialists who lead art and design for the past 27 years.
Society is in a period of great change.
Due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution in which science and technology led by AI and robots, society is undergoing drastic changes at an unprecedented speed. In order to overcome these changes and keep the new society human-centered, we need to build creativity more than ever.
At Graduate School of Art and Design, we educate artists and designers who can become expressers and researchers with their own leadership, and pursue art and design expression activities that enhance humanity, deepen people’s emotional connections, enrich their lives. Because the role of art and design has grown, it is necessary to continue to think about the creativity of human beings, which is full of diversity and potential, by conducting research to inherit universal values and create new values.
Graduate School of Art and Design will support those who deeply research own specialty and create the future.

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