Name of the University: Kanazawa University
Program Name:
Environmental and Energy Technologies International Course
Type of Degree:
Major Field:
Environmental engineering fields (atmospheric environment, water environment, soil environment, waste management, etc.) and energy technology

Application Period:
First applicant for FY2021:
October16-22 17:00(JST) Application Period
**Late of October Notification of schedule on an Oral Examination
**Beginning to Middle of November Oral Examination
**Beginning of December Notification of Results

April 1, 2021 Admission
Second applicant for FY2020:
April22-May8 17:00(JST)
Application Period:
Notification of schedule on an Oral Examination:
Late of May
Oral Examination:
Beginning of June
Notification of Results:
Beginning of July

October 1, 2020 Admission
Period of Enrollment:
October, April
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:
eticku at mark

Program Overview:

Environmental and energy engineers who can contribute to the global society are expected to be equipped with not only the advanced knowledge and skills of environmental and energy engineering but also the ability to propose and design the skills and processes that are in harmony with the regional society and the understanding of regional cultures and history. This course will train individuals who can contribute to the global society by providing education on (1) advanced knowledge and skills on environmental and energy engineering, (2) advanced communications skills for collaborating with engineers from other nations and to understand the historical and cultural background of the regional residents who will be the users of the environmental and energy technology, and (3) the leadership to propose the appropriate skills and processes for each regional circumstances surrounding the environmental problems that occur across national borders. Moreover, the course will nurture individuals who will act as a bridge with Japan at the site of research and technological development in the fields of environment and energy and who will contribute to the sustainable development of the society through cooperation across national borders.