Name of the University: Kansai University
Program Name: International Science and Engineering Course (English-based Program)

Type of Degree:
1) Master’s Degree; 2) Ph.D Degree
Major Field:

Graduate School of Science and Engineering
1) Engineering Science / Environmental and Urban Engineering / Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering;
2) Integrated Science and Engineering

Application Period:

(For Enrollment in Spring (Apr.) Semester)
Application Documents Submission Deadline: Nov. 18 (Thu.), 2021; Application Month: February
(For Enrollment in Fall (Sept.) Semester)
Application Documents Submission Deadline: Apr. 21 (Thu.), 2022; Application Month: July
【English-based Program entrance Examination Schedule for 2022 Academic Year】
【Application Guidelines
Period of Enrollment: April, September
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:

Program Overview:

To meet the social needs according to the rapid development in science and technology, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering trains researchers and high-level professionals in various fields of science and engineering. Based on our motto, “harmonizing the academic studies with the practice,” our curriculum is designed to train our students to possess not only a high level of theory and skills in the specialized fields but also a wide view to utilize science and technology to benefit the people. Courses are designed for those in our undergraduate program. We offer small-sized classes to ensure the students study in close contact with the professors. The students are highly encouraged to present the outcome of their research in academic meetings and are trained. The Graduate School of Science and Engineering is an innovative research institution keeping pace with the rapid technical and scientific advances and ensuring that graduate students cultivate the aptitude to be world leaders in their fields.

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