Name of the University: Kansai University
Program Name: Ph.D. of Disaster Management Program

Type of Degree:
Major Field:
Societal Safety Sciences
Application Period:

(For Enrollment in Spring (Apr) and Fall (Sept) Semester) Dec. 17 (Fri.), 2021 to Jan. 7 (Fri.), 2022; Application Month: February
(For Enrollment in Fall (Sept.) Semester) April 27 (Wed.) to May 12 (Thu.), 2022; Application Month: June
【English-based Program entrance Examination Schedule for 2022 Academic Year】
【For Spring Semester and Fall Semester 2022 Application Guidelines】
Period of Enrollment: April, September
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Program Overview:

The Kansai University Ph.D. course in Disaster Management (PDM) will prepare you with a high level of analytical skills and knowledge to make a difference in the fields of disaster management, including disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The curriculum combines interdisciplinary training in engineering, economics, psychology, and management to produce leaders with innovative ideas for disaster reduction in practice and the academic field.

The Kansai region, where we are located, is one of Japan’s most disaster-prone areas. The 1995 Kobe (Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake) is one of the most severe earthquake disasters in human history. The Kansai region has also experienced large-scale floods and landslides, such as those that occurred during Typhoon No.12 (Severe Tropical Storm Talas) in 2011, resulting in 82 fatalities. Moreover, Kansai is facing another major threat; earthquakes occur on the Nankai Trough, regularly occurring every 90–150 years. The possible largest activity of the next Nankai Trough earthquake is estimated to reach as much as M9.1 by the Japanese government, therefore designating it a catastrophe that is a matter of national alert.

The faculty staff guiding the PDM has been engaged in the study of recovery from disaster for a long time and has a rich network with residents and the government. They have also been working on reducing future disaster risks in close collaboration with both local and national stakeholders. Professional research and analysis on cutting-edge topics produced in our schools have always been an integral part of this collaboration. With this environment full of opportunities to engage in practical study, PDM students can learn how Japanese disaster management policy works collaboratively with scientists, mass media, government, the private sector, and how academic researchers can contribute to disaster reduction and disaster management.