Name of the University: Kindai University
Program Name:
Master & Doctoral Degree Programs [International Students Admission]
Type of Degree:
Master & Doctor

Major Field:
Graduate School of Law (M/D)
Graduate School of Commerce (M/D)
Graduate School of Economics (M/D)
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (M/D)
Graduate School of Pharmacy (M/D)
Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Human Studies (M)
Graduate School of Agriculture (M/D)
Graduate School of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology (M/D)
Graduate School of Systems Engineering (M/D)
Graduate School of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering (M/D)
*Graduate School of Medical Sciences is not applicable for this admission (M/D)

Application Period:
[First Exam]: 2021/8/30-2021/9/3 (for applicants residing in and outside Japan)
[Second Exam]: 2022/1/7-2022/1/13 (for applicants residing in Japan)
Examination Dates
[First Exam]: 2021/10/16
[Second Exam]: 2021/2/19
Notice: Due to the immigration restrictions incurred by COVID-19 pandemic, in the first examination of the international students admission for enrollment in April 2022, we do not accept any applications from those residing outside Japan.

Period of Enrollment: April
Program’s Website:
Contact Information: Global Education Center, Kindai University

Program Overview:

  • Admission for international students who wish to take a Master/Doctoral program.
    *Kindai has only regular program which is open for both domestic and international students.
  • The admission exam takes place twice in a year: First exam is for residents either in or outside Japan; second one is for those in Japan.
  • Submission of Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) score is mandatory in principle.

Program’s Movie:

*Overview movie of Kindai University