Name of the University: Kyushu University, Graduate School of Design
Year of the Establishment:
Location (City, Prefecture):
Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Number of Students:
1247 (as of May 2022)
University’s Website:

List of Faculties and Graduate Schools in the University:

Graduate School of Design
Kyushu University Strategic Design Course
Environmental Design Course
Human Life Design and Science Course
Design Futures Course
Media Design Course
Acoustic Design Course

Partner University in Uzbekistan: N/A

University Overview

In Master’s program, there are six courses under the Department of Design. They are the Strategic Design Course, the Environmental Design Course, the Human Life Design and Science Course, the Design Futures Course, the Media Design Course, and the Acoustic Design Course. In each course, students specify a core curriculum and free to choose other specialized subjects according to their research interests. Students can work on their master’s research and at the same time develop their own specialty by combining classes from different disciplines.