Name of the University: Meiji University
Program Name: Japanese Language Program

Type of Degree:
Non degree program
Major Field:
Application Period:

[Summer Program] June to July (2021)
[Winter Program] November to January (2021)
Period of Enrollment:
[Summer Program] Late August to early September (2021)
[Winter Program] February to March (2021)
*Application period and period of enrollment for 2022 program may be changed.
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:

Japanese Language Education Center/ International Student Office, Meiji University


Program Overview:

Program focuses on interactive Japanese language learning and improves overall Japanese proficiency through on-demand assignments and interaction with Meiji University students. Participants are expected to equip Japanese Language Skills as well as to deepen understanding of various topics by listening and reading in Japanese, and talk with Japanese students and write on SNS what you learned and felt in the classes. Through studying Japanese, they can deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and society.