Name of the University: Okayama University
Program Name: Discovery Program for Global Learners

Type of Degree:
Major Field:
Interdisciplinary studies
Application Period
Application Period 1:
(April or October Admission) October 1, 2021 – October 29, 2021
Application Period 2:
(October Admission only) December 1, 2021 – January 21, 2022
Period of Enrollment: October and April
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:
OKAYAMA UNIVERSITY Discovery Program for Global Learners
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Program Overview:

English and/or Japanese

The Discovery Program for Global Learners is a 4 year undergraduate program that can be completed entirely in English. In addition, advanced speakers of Japanese can also take courses in Japanese and even conduct their senior project in Japanese. Intensive Japanese language training is also offered to help students adapt to life in Okayama. Interdisciplinary Approach
The program offers courses from a wide range of disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Its open curriculum allows students to develop a personalized study program that fits their individual academic interests and future goals.

Disciplines and Modules offered in English

  1. Transdisciplinary Sciences for Global Sustainability(Environmental Engineering/Physical Chemistry/Solid State Physics)
    The environmental problems we face today increasingly require scientists to cross disciplinary boundaries and think across scales from local to global, and even to cosmic space. Knowledge and skills gained in environmental engineering, physical chemistry, solid state physics, and agricultural science are all necessary for pursuing a sustainable future of our planet.
  2. Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship(Economics/Management/International Development/Philanthropic Studies)
    The world we live in today faces diverse issues — poverty, unemployment, discrimination, environmental degradation and many more. The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cluster aims at working out sustainable and scalable solutions to persistent social issues.
  3. Cultural Diversity and Communities(Sociology/Anthropology/Political Science)
    Globalization has made encounters between people with different values and customs commonplace. Sociology, anthropology and political science offer us tools to understand beliefs and practices around the world, and question our own values. In this cluster, students learn how to examine mundane everyday matters such as work and family life, as well as extraordinary situations such as epidemics, disasters, and displacements, and analyze them from various vantage points, incorporating gender, sexuality, identity, social networks, and structural inequality. Students also learn methods including interviews, surveys, and ethnographic fieldwork.

Program’s Movie:

Introducing DISCOVERY Program for Global Learners at Okayama University

Introducing DISCOVERY Program for Global Learners at Okayama University(Based on faculty interviews)