Name of the University: Ritsumeikan University
Program Name:
College of Global Liberal Arts (GLA), Dual Degree Program with the Australian National University
Type of Degree:
Bachelor of Global Liberal Arts (Ritsumeikan University)
Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Affairs (The Australian National University)

Major Field: Social Change with AI, Evolution of Market Economy, Design and Society, Civilizations in Global History, Cultural Studies, Knowledge and Innovation, Contemporary Japan, Internship, Politics and Government, International Relations and Security, Conflict and Peace Building, History and Cultural Identity

Application Period:

2022 April Enrollment :

1st Application Period — Jun. 2, 2021– Jun. 22, 2021
2nd Application Period — Aug. 25, 2021– Sep. 14, 2021 

2022 September Enrollment:
1st Application Period
Oct. 6, 2021– Oct. 26, 2021
2nd Application Period Dec. 8, 2021– Jan. 11, 2022
3rd Application PeriodFeb. 16, 2022– Mar. 8, 2022
 *The full schedule can be found in Admissions Overview:

Program’s Website:
Contact Information:
Ritsumeikan University International Admissions Office

Program Overview:

GLA provides students with a comprehensive liberal arts education in English required for our globalized times. The undergraduate dual degree program is offered jointly by GLA at RU and the College of Asia & the Pacific (CAP) at ANU. The dual approach will help to develop a competitive foundation for your career: applying your Asia-Pacific-wide experiences, intelligence, and in-depth knowledge to broaden business practices in global corporations. It leads you to proceed to professional careers in the fields of public policy, diplomacy, law, strategic studies, international relations, business administration, design etc., and pursuing specialized academic knowledge at graduate schools in Japan, Australia, and other regions.

Program’s Movie: