Name of the University: Ritsumeikan University
Program Name:
College of International Relations, Global Studies Major (GS)
Type of Degree:
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
Major Field:
International Law, Peace and Conflict Studies, Security Studies, International Human Rights, The United Nations, Global Environmental Issues, International Development Cooperation, Migration, Gender Issues, Race and Ethnicity, Global Media

Application Period:

2022 April Enrollment:
Application Period
Aug. 25, 2021– Sep. 14, 2021

2022 September Enrollment:
1st Application Period Dec. 8, 2021– Jan. 11, 2022
2nd Application Period
Feb. 16, 2022– Mar. 8, 2022
*The full schedule can be found in Admissions Overview:

Program’s Website:
Contact Information:
Ritsumeikan University International Admissions Office

Program Overview:

The program is designed to be flexible, with students able to design their learning programs based on their interests and career goals. In the first year, students take a range of introductory and academic skills courses, which develop a foundation for their studies. From the second year, students start their study of core and area studies courses from the list detailed below. Second year students also take part in the hands-on Global Simulation Gaming, a class taken together with Japanese-based students. They continue to deepen their studies in the third year, particularly through the research focused Advanced Seminar, before writing their graduation thesis in their fourth year.

Program’s Movie: