Name of the University: Sophia University
Year of the Establishment:
Location (City, Prefecture):
Number of Students:
13,498 (Undergraduate and Graduate students)
University’s Website:

List of Faculties and Graduate Schools in the University:

-Undergraduate programs--Graduate Programs-
Faculty of Liberal Arts (Courses are taught in English)
Faculty of Science and Technology (Green Science Program and Green Engineering Program are taught in English)
Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures (Courses are taught in English)
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Human Sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Foreign Studies
Faculty of Global Studies
Graduate School of Global Studies (Graduate Program in Global Studies is taught in English)
Graduate School of Science and Technology (Green Science and Engineering Division is taught in English)
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (International Graduate Course in Global Environment Studies is taught in English)
Graduate School of Theology
Graduate School of Humanities
Graduate School of Applied Religious Studies
Graduate School of Human Sciences (English-taught Education M.A. and Ph. D. available)
Graduate School of Law
Graduate School of Economics
Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics (Master’s Program in Linguistics(TESOL) is taught in English)
Graduate Program in International Cooperation Studies (English-taught M.A. is available)

Partner University in Uzbekistan:

Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies

University Overview

Sophia University is located in the heart of Tokyo, near Japan’s political, financial, business, and cultural centers. Founded by the Jesuits in 1913, Sophia has been a pioneer in international education in Japan, attracting students from all over the world. In 1949, Sophia established the first program in Japan taught entirely in English, and it continues to lead Japanese academic world in offering excellent education for the era of internationalization, cultivating individuals who work «for Others, with Others», and who can excel on the global stage. With all faculties and graduate schools in the sciences and humanities on a single campus, Sophia offers an environment that brings together students and faculty members from different cultural, linguistic, and religious backgrounds. The diversity on one campus in the fascinating city of Tokyo allows Sophia to provide a vibrant and diverse learning environment to students from all around the world.