Name of the University: Teikyo University Utsunomiya Campus
Program Name: G. S. of Science and Engineering (Doctoral and Master’s Degree Programs)

Type of Degree:
Master of Science and Engineering, Doctor of Science or Doctor of Engineering
Major Field:
Mechanical and Precision System, Aerospace Engineering, Information and Electronic Engineering, Biosciences
Application Period:
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Period of Enrollment: October, April
Program’s Website:
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Program Overview:


Period of Study: 2 Years (Master’s Degree Program), 3 Years (Doctoral Degree Program)
Language: English or Japanese


The program encourages students to be innovative and resourceful in designing peaceful and cost-effective applications of scientific endeavour in areas such as materials and matter, energy, information and the life sciences for the benefit of society and humankind. The program involves comprehensive research and education spanning multiple domains to develop a broad outlook for contributing to the international arena.


The program features some initiatives designed to promote flexibility in the rapidly evolving field of science and technology while allowing the very best students to identify and pursue individual research topics from the early stages. These include the option to skip Year 4 entirely; a teaching assistants scheme linking postgraduate with undergraduate students; and allocated places for mature-age students and international students.

【Research facilities】

The Division of Integrated Science and Engineering program at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering is offered at the spacious and beautifully landscaped Utsunomiya campus of Teikyo University. Surrounded by the towering mountains of Nikko, Utsunomiya is the perfect environment to inspire creativity and innovation. It also boasts Japan’s largest industrial park, having been awarded the coveted technopolis designation in 1984. Teikyo University opens its doors to the local community and welcomes joint projects with private industry throughout the nation. The University is also committed to working with local industry on joint research and development projects.

G. S. of Science and Engineering, Doctoral and Master’s Degree Programs,
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