Name of the University: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
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The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science
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The human race is facing dangers on a scale never seen before in areas such as environmental destruction, population increasing, and resource depletion. Maintaining the environment in which organisms living on the earth are dependent, securing of safe food substances and resources to support life, and preserving a healthy living environment are necessary to support our “life and living environment”. Since agricultural science is a comprehensive “life and living environment” science, it is positioned as a vital academic field linked to solving these problems. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to claim that the 21st century will be the age of agricultural science.
In order for agricultural science to contribute even more to the survival and well-being of humans than it has in the past, it is essential to train a workforce equipped with advanced level research and analysis skills. Meeting this social demand, our graduate school strives to develop as an independent three-year Doctoral Course central to Japan and Asia with education based on the Master’s Courses of Agriculture of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technolgy, Ibaraki University, and Utsunomiya University. We also are pursuing an education style rich in creativity and functionality that enables the acquisition of broad vision, high level specialist knowledge, comprehension, insight, and practical application ability. In addition, we are striving to produce high level specialist professionals and scholars possessing a holistic sense of judgment and the ability to contribute to the international society.
In terms of applicants to our graduate school, we are looking for students, regardless nationality, with specialist knowledge and techniques related to agricultural science, as well as researchers and engineers already active in projects within society. Applicants must display a strong interest and enthusiasm towards their research arena after admittance.

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