Name of the University: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Program Name:
School of Japan Studies
Type of Degree:
Major Field:
Language and Area Studies (Japan/Japanese)
Application Period:
Late August — Early September
Period of Enrollment:
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:
Global Admissions Office (gao at mark

Program Overview:

More than just a study of Japan!

The School of Japan Studies offers the opportunity to study and discover Japan comprehensively and from international perspectives. Sharing ideas and learning together with both Japanese and international students in the same classroom, is the key feature of this program.

Students have a chance to study many subjects across the social sciences and humanities, all with a focus on Japan. Some classes are held in Japanese, while others are held in English. During the first two years, students will concentrate on improving their Japanese language proficiency through the fundamental Japanese classes, which may cover almost all morning hours five days a week. With the improved Japanese language skills, international students will have wider options for courses in the following years as they will also be eligible to attend the classes held in Japanese as well. Apart from the language classes, students will devote themselves to collaboration project classes where students will step out of the classrooms to conduct fieldwork activities and independent studies, where both international and Japanese students work together. Once the students reach their 3rd and 4th years, they will choose a topic of interest on which they will explore more in-depth. The topics covered at the School of Japan Studies range from Japanese politics and economics, Japanese culture, and literature to Japanese linguistics and pedagogy. Through the 4 years, students will acquire skills and methods of self-development and problem-solving, which will be of practical use in their future careers.

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