Name of the University: Tottori University
Program Name:

Special Program in English
Department of Dryland Science, Graduate School of Sustainability Science, Tottori University

Type of Degree:
Major Field:
Dryland Science
Application Period:

Application period: Early April
Application deadline: Late April

Period of Enrollment:
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4-101 Koyama-cho Minami, Tottori 680-8553
TEL (Direct): +81-(0)857-31-5342

Program Overview :

The progression of forest disappearance and desertification has become a major problem in the world, and in order to solve it, various measures are required such as agricultural and industrial development and the improvement of living environment, adding to the prevention of desertification itself. In order to respond to such global needs, the Department of Dryland Science will foster human resources who are capable of working internationally for the creation of a recycling society in harmony with nature and will find solutions from a global viewpoint to the issues facing nature and humans worldwide. Such development of personnel will be realized under the educational system of the Department that covers a wide range of fields, from the agriculture and environmental protection in drylands to regional development, incorporating the following: knowledge and technologies regarding environmental protection, and the field of human development for dryland inhabitants, concerning their different cultures and quality of life. In addition, the department will invite the world’s top scientists in the relevant fields as visiting professors to have lectures on cutting-edge research and have the Special Program in English taught in English only to accommodate international students.

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