Name of the University: University of Hyogo
Program Name: Department of Global Business, Graduate School of Social Sciences

Type of Degree:
Master of Global Business Administration
Major Field:
Business & Management
Application Period:
Please check our website for application periods of entrance examinations
Period of Enrollment: September and April
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:

Academic Affairs Division
E-mail: g3s

Program Overview:

The Graduate School of Social Sciences consists of five departments: the Department of Economics, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Global Business, the Department of Professional Accountancy, and the Department of Professional Business.

Department of Global Business aims to offer professional knowledge in the field through a fieldwork program that integrates the characteristics of the Japanese business world into the wider international network. By offering opportunities to become involved in area-specific activities both in Japan and in other countries, we hope to nurture our students to become ethical researchers, business persons, and communicators.

This course aims to help students grasp the latest research trends in the field of International Business by reading through the literature of both main existing theories and highly-cited papers in recent years. Also, to achieve a deeper understanding of the theoretical findings and their applications in the reality, students are required to conduct case studies of multinational enterprises (MNEs) based on their research interests.

While following this course, students will acquire advanced knowledge of the underlying mechanism of MNEs’ strategic decisions and their cross-border management. As the outcome of this course, students will be able to develop their perspectives on identifying critical issues in management, as well as to utilize proper theoretical tools to cope with the challenges.

Our goal is to turn our graduates into citizens of the world, who use their expertise ethically and for the welfare of society as a whole.