Name of the University: Yokohama National University
Program Name: Department of Infrastructure and Urban Society, Specialization in International Infrastructure (IGSI)

Type of Degree:

a. Master of Engineering
b. Master of Philosophy

Major Field:
Civil Engineering
Application Period:
December (Please refer to the website for details.)
Period of Enrollment: October
Program’s Website:
Contact Information:

Program Overview:

You are probably interested in building and/or manufacturing high technological values. If you are thinking of entering the engineering faculty, your department will depend on what you want to study, and if you belong to one of the following, we cordially suggest the Civil Engineering Course:

・ I want to construct big structures such as bridges and protect cities against disasters!
・ I want to innovate something which anyone can see on maps and engraves geography!
・ I want to design land and a city for the next generations to make residents happy and protect the nature of the glove!
・ I want to participate with other people to stimulate innovative structures and develop the ITC world!

Civil engineering — as the word means — is engineering that considers both infrastructures of mankind’s assets and citizens. This includes nature, culture, global environment, economic and regal systems as social stocks. These cannot be touched by hands unlike bridges, stations, tanks, etc, but they are definitely our tasks.

The mission of civil engineering is to realize the demands for a better society, which is exactly integrated engineering about people, urban/regional stocks and assets, and grand space. This mission has not changed from Greek and Roman times as long as mankind lives on the earth.

Do you really think that our life is fine and safe? We want to travel more quickly, comfortably and certainly. Our life is still vulnerable to natural threats such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, and landslides. Civil engineering has to protect our lives and properties by its technologies. What should we do to improve our society? Let’s think together in the Civil Engineering course at YNU.