August 24th (Tue.)

Theme: Graduate Programs (Master’s, PhD) in the Field of Science and Engineering (1)

TimeUniversity (or Organization)
9:00-9:25«How to research in Japan» (Nagoya University Office in Uzbekistan) <video>
9:30-9:55Osaka University <video> <univ. info.>
10:00-10:25Hokkaido University <video> <univ. info.>
10:30-10:55Ryukoku University <video> <univ. info.>
11:00-11:25«How to collaborate with Japanese researchers» <video>
11:30-11:55Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology <video> <univ. info.>
12:00-12:55Nagoya University <video> <univ. info.>
13:00-13:25Osaka University <video> <univ. info.>
13:30-13:55Kitami Institute of Technology <video> <univ. info.>
14:00-14:25Nara Institute of Science and Technology <video> <univ. info.>