Name of the University: Saitama University
Year of the Establishment:
Location (City, Prefecture):
Saitama City, Saitama
Number of Students: 8321
University’s Website:

List of Faculties and Graduate Schools in the University:

Faculty of Liberal Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Graduate School of Education

Partner University in Uzbekistan: N/A

University Overview

Saitama University, established in 1949, is a reputable national university for higher education and research in Japan. The university consists of five faculties for undergraduate education (Faculty of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Engineering) and three graduate schools (Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and Graduate School of Education). Located in a quiet suburban area of Saitama City, the capital of Saitama Prefecture, the university is approximately 30 kilometers north of metropolitan Tokyo. Access to central Tokyo from the university takes approximately an hour using public transportation and is very convenient. This allows students and researchers of the university an easy access to many libraries and research facilities in and around Tokyo area.

Saitama University has long been established as a respected national university within Japan. As a part of our global initiative, we disseminate outstanding results through our diverse research projects to scholars around the world.

The University is not a conventional Japanese national university. We create originality from original mindsets. Our students actively communicate with faculty. Our faculty’s fields of expertise enable Saitama University’s unique curriculum of combining onsite classes and research to academics.