Name of the University: Utsunomiya University
Year of the Establishment: 1949
Location (City, Prefecture): Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture
Number of Students: 4905
University’s Website: (English page)

List of Faculties and Graduate Schools in the University

School of Regional Design
School of International Studies
Cooperative Faculty of Education
School of Engineering
School of Agriculture

Graduate School:
Graduate school of Regional Development and Creativity

Partner University in Uzbekistan:


University Overview

Utsunomiya University is a medium-sized national university located in Utsunomiya City, the largest city in the northern Kanto region, about 80 kilometers north of Tokyo, with about 5,000 students and 340 faculty members. There are approximately 250 international students from 20 countries. Of the approximately 870 graduate students, approximately 130 are international students, and many international students are receiving specialized education.

The university has five schools and one graduate school.

School of Regional Design:
 Department of Community Design:
 Department of Architecture and Urban Design:
 Department of Civil Engineering and Regional Design:
School of International Studies: (English page)
Cooperative Faculty of Education:
School of Engineering:
 Material and Environmental chemistry Course:
 Mechanical Systems Engineering course:
 Information, Electronics, and Optics course:
School of Agriculture: (English page)
 Department of Agrobiology and Bioresources:
 Department of Applied Biological Chemistry:
 Department of Environmental Engineering:
 Department of Agricultural Economics:
 Department of Forest Science:

Graduate Schools:
Graduate School of Regional Development and Creativity
 ■ Master’s Course: (English page)
 We run Division of Social Design and Division of Engineering and Agriculture courses.
 ■ Doctor’s Course: (English page)
 We run Division of Advanced Transdisciplinary Science course with three programs:
 Optics and Bio Design Program, Advanced Engineering Systems Design Program, and Global and Regional Development Design Program.

University’s YouTube channel: