Name of the UniversityKindai University
Year of the Establishment:
Location (City, Prefecture):
Higashiosaka, Osaka
Number of Students:
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List of Faculties and Graduate Schools in the University

Faculty of Law/ Faculty of Economics/ Faculty of Business Administration/ Faculty of Science and Engineering/ Faculty of Architecture/ Faculty of Pharmacy/ Faculty of Literature, Arts and Cultural Studies/ Faculty of Applied Sociology/ Faculty of International Studies/ Faculty of Agriculture/ Faculty of Medicine/ Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology/ Faculty of Engineering/ Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering

Graduate School of Law/ Graduate School of Commerce/ Graduate School of Economics/ Graduate School of Science and Engineering/ Graduate School of Pharmacy/ Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Human Studies/ Graduate School of Agriculture/ Graduate School of Medical Sciences/ Graduate School of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology/ Graduate School of Systems Engineering/ Graduate School of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering

Partner University in Uzbekistan: None

University Overview

Kindai University was founded in 1925. Now one of Japan’s largest universities, it has six campuses in western Japan and boasts research facilities across the nation—from Hokkaido in the north to Kagoshima in the south. Currently, Kindai

University comprises 14 faculties with 48 departments, 11 graduate schools, a law school, 17 research facilities, two junior colleges, 18 associated primary and secondary schools, and two teaching hospitals. The university has over 30,000 students and more than 500,000 alumni. In seven consecutive years from 2014 to 2020, Kindai University has ranked No. 1 in Japan for the number of entrance examination applicants, attracting over 100,000 students each year.
Kindai University conducts research in a wide range of fields and is making a name for itself as a leader in aquaculture, most notably for its work with bluefin tuna. Dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s rapidly changing society, Kindai University will continue expanding its educational programs and facilities.